My name is Catherine Slaymaker (alias: Caye Slay).

I’m an artist from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. To me, all creative activities –indeed all things– are deeply related. I strive for wisdom [currently lacking] and balance [slightly off]; ergo I draw, paint, sew, bind books, read books, sing, play the ukulele & piano (not at the same time), act, dance, and practice yoga.

I earned my B.A. in Studio Art from Goucher College. Yes, I’m a Gopher. I also studied Painting & Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art.

Some of my works are for sale in my Etsy shop. Locally, you can find my work at My My, in New Hope. If you see something on my site, and think, “Golly! That would look great at my house!” feel free to contact me. It might just be up for grabs!

This website is the headquarters for all my work and news. I share works-in-progress, experiments, finished work, and inspirations. Please, browse & enjoy!